Residential Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning in Metro Detroit

Window Cleaning in Metro Detroit

At Adventure Window Cleaning, nothing is more important than our residential clients in Plymouth MI, Northville MI, and Metro Detroit. Our window cleaning reputation, return business throughout Southeastern Michigan, and word-of-mouth referrals all depend on the quality of your experience with us. Our efforts to make that experience the best possible focus on:


All of our Metro Detroit window cleaners are fully insured with workman’s compensation and liability insurance. We perform reference checks and verify that our window cleaners are qualified to work inside your home in Plymouth MI or Northville MI.


All of our Plymouth MI window cleaners are well-trained and adhere to OSHA standards and guidelines to maintain a safe working environment in and around your Metro Detroit home.


Adventure Window Cleaning’s window cleaners are uniformed and provided with shoe covers to protect the flooring in your Metro Detroit home. If ladders are necessary to clean your Plymouth MI interior windows, they are wrapped with a clean, dry cloth to protect your paint, drywall, or anything else that might otherwise be damaged.

You can expect your Ann Arbor MI windows to be spot and streak free and your interior window sills wiped to remove any water, dust, or mildew. Our Plymouth MI staff is knowledgeable with the most current industry techniques and tools, and we only use cleaning solutions safe for window tint, low-e, and tempered glass.

Metro Detroit Residential Window Cleaning Services Include:

Windows (interior and exterior)
Storm windows
Indoor and outdoor light fixtures (including chandeliers)
Ceiling fans
Glass railings
Paint, wood stain, and sealant removal
Hard water stain removal (oxidation)
Greenhouses and sun-rooms

On-Time Appointments

We book convenient appointments for our clients in Plymouth MI, Northville MI, and all of Metro Detroit, with arrival times scheduled in two hour windows. For instance, a “10 to 12” appointment means we will arrive at your home In Ann Arbor or West Bloomfield between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. We do this as a convenience to all of our valued clients, so that they needn’t waste their day waiting for the window cleaners! For example, if a client is scheduled for exterior window cleaning but decides while we are there to have their interior windows cleaned, we are able to accommodate the request without being late to our next appointment. We work Monday through Saturday with our first appointment starting 8:30 a.m. and our last at 3:00 p.m.

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