Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning in Metro Detroit

Gutter Cleaning in Metro Detroit

Adventure Window Cleaning offers clients in Plymouth, Northville & the Metro-Detroit area with both residential and commercial gutter cleaning services. As with all of our services, estimates for gutter cleaning are available for free. Gutter cleaning is completed year-round in southeastern Michigan, except for those times when gutters and their contents are frozen.

Please read on for some of our most frequently asked questions about gutter cleaning:

Why do I need to clean my gutters?

Gutters are designed to catch the water from your roof and move it away from the foundation of your home in Plymouth MI or Northville MI. If the gutters have debris in them or the downspouts are clogged, there are only two places the water can go. Water can spill over the front of the gutter, which washes away Metro Detroit  landscapes and can penetrate the foundation of your Plymouth or Ann Arbor home. This can cause basement floods, drywall damage, mold, mildew, and– in severe cases– may cause the Plymouth MI foundation walls themselves to crack.

Water can also spill over the back of your gutters in Southeastern Michigan. This can cause the fascia board that secures the gutters to the Plymouth or Northville MI home to rot. When this happens, the weight of your gutters and their contents may cause them to sag, making it more difficult for water to flow to the downspout. Another result may be water travelling up the roofline, underneath your Farmington or Bloomfield shingles. Again, this can cause rot as well as mold and mildew. If this problem occurs in the winter months in Southeastern Michigan, the resulting ice damage to your roof is extremely detrimental to your Metro Detroit home and can be very costly.

Why should I hire Adventure Window Cleaning to clean my gutters?

Safety! Plymouth MI roofs are dangerous to walk on, especially when there is debris on the shingling. Ladders can be equally dangerous and, if not used properly, can cause not only personal injury, but may also damage the gutter or the Metro Detroit house itself. All of our cleaners are well trained, and Adventure Window Cleaning is fully covered with workman’s compensation insurance and liability insurance.

Time! Gutter Cleaning can be a time-consuming project for someone in Plymouth or Northville MI that is not trained to clean gutters and downspouts, and more so for someone who does not have the proper tools to clean them efficiently.

Sanitation! Gutter debris in Metro Detroit is messy, smells offensive, and can have harmful bacteria. Our Plymouth MI employees have access to appropriate equipment, including gloves and breathing shields, whenever there is a risk of unsanitary conditions.

How does Adventure Window Cleaning clean gutters?

All debris is removed from your Plymouth or Northville gutters, and the downspouts are cleaned and checked to ensure that water is able to flow freely. All debris removed from the gutters is bagged and left to be taken by your Metro Detroit city waste management.

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